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		     Our Cookies Don't Track You!


I loved eating cookies for as long as I can remember. It started when I first heard about them when I was much younger. Probably around the late 90's. I was strolling around the web and found a cookie here and there. Boy were they delicious. Small, tasty, I still remember the original taste. I remember going around web pages just so that I could have another cookie. I realized that not only were they delicious, they were good for me. They allowed people I loved to find me, but that's mostly because I left crumbs around. At first that was okay. Then I realized that the quality of the cookies I found wasn't so great, and as a result I left more and more crumbs around. No big deal, the web was still a small place. As the web got bigger everything changed. Cookies got heavier and filled with crumbling parts. Not only friends could find me, but also people I didn't want to. It's a little concerning to have everyone being able to find out about my cookies binge-eating habits.

So I decided that it was enough. I love cookies, but I prefer the simpler ones. The ones that don't crumble the second you bite them. Those that are soft and chewy and that melt inside. That's when I took the decision to open the Cookie Shop on Writer's Lane.

~ Owen